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Children's Coaches

MINOPOLIS Children's Coaches

The MINOPOLIS children’s coaches were selected in a joint invitation venture from the Arbeitmarktservice, AMS (Job Market Service) and the Wiener Arbeitnehmer Förderungsfond, WAFF (Vienna Employee Promotion Foundation). 80 percent are trained educators of different school levels, the other 20 percent experienced mothers and fathers whose enjoyment of working with children led them to MINOPOLIS.

During large events, more than 1000 applicants were informed about MINOPOLIS and instructed in the requirements. In individual interviews, the most suitable were selected and accepted into the training programme. After three months of education and training, the attendants finish their “MINOPOLIS children’s coach” diploma. Each station is attended by one or two children’s coaches who instruct the children in their jobs but who deliberately stand back from the role playing.

The training program of the children coaches comprises child psychology, child education, first aid, conflict resolution, communication with parents and children and training in small groups at all stations and partners and in the right action to take in the event of a fire.

Dr. Martina Leibovici-Mühlberger, Austria’s figurehead in terms of education advice, developed the training concept together with the MINOPOLIS team and personally trained the children’s coaches.