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The Education Concept

Developed by Professionals

During MINOPOLIS’ conceptual phase, a team of educators and child
psychologists supported the development of the playacting concepts and the course of the playacts of the individual stations.

Prof. Dr. Max Friedrich, accredited child psychologist, was one of the attendants in the birth of the “educational concept” of MINOPOLIS. The Vienna City School Council deemed the concept “recommendable” for educational excursions of all kinds and passed it on to its elementary and middle schools and to the lower level of the higher schools of general education (AHS Unterstufe). Each of the theme stations has a playact that is associated with different curricula, which means the learning objectives of the different age groups have been integrated into the course of each playact. With this recommendation, around 120000 compulsory school students in Greater Vienna can be appealed to or can partake in what MINOPOLIS has to offer.

Also, MINOPOLIS gets right to the bottom of the question of what the children want to be when they grow up. They can simply try out their wish there and then. MINOPOLIS is an adventure world and a venue for community games. The children learn not only economic cycles, but also social processes and interactions.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Max. H. Friedrich
“Childhood is the stage for rehearsing life!”
... Each step that children take playfully and realistically towards the world of adults is a step into a stable and secure future. I am proud to have taken part in the birth of MINOPOLIS – Europe’s first children’s city.

MINOPOLIS also has an interesting programme for school classes and kindergarten groups, who are appealed to with adapted agendas. MINOPOLIS offers joy and fun with learning for the whole class or group. During their class projects and excursions all the children can together check out the world of adults. Schools, kindergartens and nurseries receive reduced entry prices for morning bookings.